The Dating Dare

Released: November 1st, 2018

Author: A.R. PERRY


No one gets under Lily Holladay’s skin quicker than her ex-best friend Parker Hayes. Popular and completely full of himself, he goes out of his way to make her life miserable. Too bad he lives right next door making avoiding him near impossible.

Parker Hayes can’t stand Lily Holladay, but not for the reasons she thinks. He made a huge mistake when he pushed her away the summer his family life shattered. Four years later, he has no idea how to fix their relationship.

Their balancing act of avoidance and aversion implodes when they are dared to date each other for the summer. With their friends shoving them together and an impromptu trip to a childhood lake house, they may very well discover that strong feelings of dislike are masking something deeper.

So the question is, will truth come from a dare?


Released: June 1st, 2018

Author: Ashleigh Reynolds


How much can the human mind take?


The affected have all but taken over the world. Anti-chippers are finding the new order more than beneficial. Dagmar is still on the loose. But none of that matters anymore.


With Jaxton still reeling from the loss of Gemi, Sann is forced to take over as leader—a role he wanted no part of. When a series of unfortunate events forces them to leave the military base, they quickly learn that the world may be too far gone to save.


They may be too far gone to save.

Paroxysm Salvation
Moon Child by Michelle Weese

Released: April 20th, 2018

Author: Michelle Weese


The small coal mining town of Raven Hollow was all Stormy ever knew. That, and her insufferable bible thumping mother. Her house was a place where dreams died and hopes were dashed before they had the chance to breathe life into her beaten down soul.
Until one day… a power emerges inside of her. Not only igniting a spark of hope, but setting it ablaze.
When a mysterious letter arrives from a relative she’s never met, Stormy latches onto the idea of a better future. But with a mother hell-bent on keeping her locked away, Stormy must find her chance to escape before time runs out.
In a matter of days, the small life she is used to gets turned upside down as two worlds collide and she stares her fate right in the eyes.


Released: October 2017

Author: Ashleigh Reynolds


What would you do if you couldn’t remember half of your life? Your parents, the town you grew up in, everything before the age of seventeen: GONE. 

For Teagan Cavanagh, being the girl who can’t remember is normal. For twelve years it was a battle between nothingness and building a new life. But, a shoebox full of postcards changed everything. 

When the Sun Falls

Released: June 2017

Author: Ashleigh Reynolds


Emma Hill longed for the day when she would be free to live her life. Free from the endless cycle of foster homes. Free from the life that defined her for twelve years. She had a lot of ideas about her new start. None of them involved being the prisoner of a mad scientist.


Released: March 2017

Author: Ashleigh Reynolds


Four months. That’s how long it took for civilization to fall.

Gemi finds herself at the end of a losing battle as she fights to keep the remaining military personnel alive and her sanity intact after being stranded inside a remote building. As it turns out, the crazy people on the outside may not be the only threat.

Paroxysm Aftermath

Released: February 2016

Author: Ashleigh Reynolds


The chip was supposed to suppress anger and violence. The world would be at peace. For forty-eight years that was true. And then one day it wasn't...

Gemi finds herself tumbling into chaos when the world suddenly succumbs to the madness of repressed emotions, only to be rescued by a group of military personnel.